48 Hour film Project - Miami


28 teams, 27 submissions, over 200 participants, and 48 hours setup a night of screenings for the books. Cathleen Dean, Producer for the 48 Hour Film Project Miami presented for the second year in a row an amazing program for the 48HFP. Initially concerned stating, "…we had almost 40 teams for 2010, but only 28 teams registered this year…", Cathleen hit the virtual airwaves using Facebook and Twitter to update participants and fans of all the activities from 48HFP and participating teams. This clearly made an impact, with a standing room only audience for the first screening and a full house for screening #2. Almost 1000 people came through the box office to show support for the project.

L.A. Actor Jay Gutierrez said, "…this was so much more intense than the 48 Hour Film Project in L.A…" discussing the details with Cathleen, "…the updates on Facebook kept me engaged throughout the entire process…" he states, further emphasizing the impact of Cathleen's social media campaign for the project.

"I totally under-estimated the crowd" Cathleen repeats throughout the night, as she herself is impressed with the turnout. "Even though we had less teams compete this year, there was so mush more support for the films" says Cathleen, clearly taken back by the turnout.

The film community is not only growing, but more active, which bodes well for the industry, at least in Florida. Cathleen Dean seems to be quickly becoming one of the major players in the Indie Film scene and with her production company BlackCat Media Group on the rise, I would not be surprised to see her start making some major moves in the near future. Lets hope the scene supports movers and shakers like Cathleen, so the move that she makes is not away from South Florida.


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